Keeping Your Abs Toned After Your Body Tuck

Body tuck

A successful body tuck procedure will leave you feeling better than ever, with a new and improved look that can inspire your confidence as the summer season begins. If you’re ready to get back in shape and enjoy a well-deserved boost to your self-image, you can start to work on the areas that matter to you most.

After your procedure, you may be wondering what to do during the recovery process. How long until you can work out again? How can you keep your abs toned to take the most advantage of the results of the procedure?

At Moelleken Plastic Surgery, we want to further inspire your confidence by giving you some tips on how you can keep your abs in great shape for years to come after your procedure. No matter your age or physical status, there are several exercises and activities you can employ to start seeing great results. Remember, when recovering from a body tuck in Beverly Hills, start slow and be patient.

Training Your Core

A body tuck procedure typically tightens your abdominal wall, which can initially give you a great look. But the tightness of these core muscles should be maintained to help you keep up your best looks. Training your core is a great way to build and strengthen the muscles affected by your body tuck to continue contributing to the aesthetic you truly want.

Remember that each exercise is further accentuated by a change in diet. Eating healthy and keeping up with great nutrition habits can help you to reach your goals. And it will make you feel better overall as you build a lifestyle of better health and well-being.


Crunches are great exercises that you can do to strengthen your core and build abdominal muscles. Remember to keep your lower back on the floor the whole time during a proper crunch. Squeeze the area between your ribs and your pelvis, while bringing the two halves of your body close together.

Squeezing yourself into this position multiple times a day can contribute to better muscular tension and strength. Try adding some twists in your crunches to improve your oblique muscles as well.


Have you ever heard of “planking”? While some people may refer to it in a silly way, it is a great exercise that can tone your body and keep your abs nice and taught. You don’t need anything to get started, other than your own body.

Think about planking as performing a push-up but remaining in the “up” position for an extended period of time. Typically, you’ll want to keep your forearms on a mat while you push yourself up, or you can simply use the push-up position to keep your body lifted. Try holding the pose for as long as you can, which will strengthen your muscles in an easy and not-too-strenuous way.


Using a stabilizer ball can help you to perform many ab-building exercises as well. This is because the ball will work many of your muscle groups at the same time. You can plank with the ball, or you can perform other exercises as well. For example, you can lie face down on the ball and put your hands on the ground in front of you. Using your hands, slowly walk yourself forward as if you are a wheelbarrow. Squeeze your thighs during the exercise, and you’ll soon feel all of your muscles working to tighten and strengthen to your core.

Body Tuck in Beverly Hills

All the exercises and tips listed above do not require any gym time or any special equipment; in fact, most of the exercises you can do on the floor with just your body. There are many simple yet effective postures you can pose that will work to continuously strengthen and tighten your muscles.

Supplement your hard work with a healthy and nutritious diet, and soon you’ll have toned abs and a strengthened core for the summer season. If you have any questions about your workout routine, or need to ask about any concerns regarding your body tuck in Beverly Hills, you can contact Dr. Brent online or give our office a call at (310) 273-1001 as soon as possible.

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