How Versatile is Liposuction?


Plastic surgery and liposuction have become synonymous terms in the past few decades, which is understandable because liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. There have been great advances in this procedure since the 1970’s that has resulted in a much safer procedure with less blood loss and more balanced fat reduction. Although you may have heard of liposuction, you may not know how versatile this procedure actually is. Dr. Brent is here to guide you if you are interested in liposuction in Santa Barbara.

Why Liposuction?

With a few hundred thousand plastic surgery procedures performed each year, there has to be a reason why liposuction is the most popular among patients. By permanently removing excess fat and reshaping your body, this procedure does more than just change your body. By losing this unwanted fat, a renewed sense of self-confidence can help you continue on a positive weight loss journey. Four out of five liposuction patients reported feeling satisfied by the procedure, and even those patients who had weight return were mostly willing to undergo the procedure again. This procedure is meant to enhance your body’s shape after you are near or around your ideal weight, and can really make a difference in how you perceive your body. Weight is just a number, but how you perceive your body is the real testament to your confidence.

Is Liposuction Worth the Risk?

One of the biggest downsides to liposuction is the risk of the procedure creating permanent problems, painful recovery, or an uneven and unnatural look. It is important to find a doctor that you can trust and has an excellent track record. Dr. Brent, a leading clinician of liposuction in Santa Barbara, will give you an extremely comfortable experience. As long as you have realistic expectations and continue to maintain the weight loss after liposuction, there are only very minor risks associated with this procedure, and most are not permanent. The benefits of liposuction outweigh the risks for most and is a relatively safe procedure for those looking to get rid of that pesky unwanted fat that just seems to stick around.

More Universal Appeal

The other most popular plastic surgery procedure is breast augmentation, but this procedure is mostly only made up of female patients. With liposuction’s ability to enhance the bodies of both men and women, there are many more potential candidates interested in this procedure. This attractiveness makes liposuction much more versatile than many of the other top cosmetic procedures.

Liposuction Options

Because liposuction has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for a long time, there has been a lot of saturation to the market. There are newer non-invasive alternatives and improvements to the traditional form of liposuction. As the industry expands, so expands the options for potential patients, which increases the number of those interested. Not only are there many different ways to get liposuction, but there are many different areas that liposuction can help as well.

Everyone assumes that liposuction is used to reduce fat in the belly region, but some other common areas are thighs, hips, butt, and neck. Because of the precision of liposuction, there are many other smaller areas that can help you sculpt the body of your dreams, such as knees, jawline, cheeks, and ankles. No matter what area is giving you trouble, liposuction is a great way to reshape and contour that body part.

Liposuction in Santa Barbara

There are numerous options and locations that liposuction can benefit, so it is no wonder that it is one of the most versatile plastic surgery procedures available. Dr. Brent can offer you expert advice and experienced services if you are looking for liposuction in Santa Barbara.

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