How A Mommy Makeover Helps Mothers

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. You are bringing new life into the world, but there is no denying that the gift of life comes at tremendous cost to the birthing parent. Regardless of the emotions you feel for your growing child, it’s normal to experience a range of positive and negative emotions in response to the changes that your body has to endure. Let’s see how a mommy makeover helps mothers.

How A Mommy Makeover Helps Mothers

While a Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills may not be the right choice for every birthing parent, this combination of cosmetic procedures can be helpful for some people who want to reclaim their bodies post-pregnancy.

The Reality of the Pregnant Body

During pregnancy, your body is effectively co-opted by your developing child. Even at the best of times, pregnancy can cause a dissociative effect because nothing you see or feel is familiar to you. Your hormones are out of control, your digestive system is on the fritz, and every other major organ is behaving in ways that you don’t recognize.

Then there’s the sheer physicality of pregnancy. Over a period of nearly ten months you watch your abdomen grow to ridiculous proportions and your breasts expand along with it. There’s the swelling and the total exhaustion to contend with as well. Then in a matter of weeks, all of that volume is deflated.

The Postpartum Period

In the first six months of the postpartum period, these same parents are once again forced to deal with a body that they do not recognize. In just over a year, you need to watch your physical form, your daily life, and your relationships with other people go through two extreme changes. It is no wonder that so many of these parents desperately want the comfort of their own bodies back. Especially when nothing else can go back to a recognizable “normal.”

The Point of Mommy Makeovers

A Mommy Makeover is a customized group of cosmetic procedures that are designed to restore a woman’s body once she has had time to recover from childbirth. Your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can always make suggestions depending on your individual circumstances, most Mommy Makeovers include some kind of a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Essentially, the intention with a Mommy Makeover is to recreate or even improve upon your pre-pregnancy body.

For some mothers the effect of a Mommy Makeover goes well beyond the physical. Feeling more like themselves allows them to:

  • Reclaim their confidence
  • Gives them improved energy levels
  • Makes it easier to live a healthier lifestyle

The truth is that a Mommy Makeover can help some women learn to love their bodies again. A vital aspect to their long-term mental and physical health.

The Process of Receiving a Mommy Makeover

In general, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests waiting a minimum of six months to one year after the birth of your child before having any kind of cosmetic surgery that treats parts of the body affected by birth.

That may seem like a long time to wait. But it’s in your best interest to allow your body to heal before you put it through the trauma of surgery. If that wasn’t reason enough, those 6-12 months also allow your skin, organs, and fat deposits to normalize again.

In some cases, performing a cosmetic procedure too soon could negatively affect your final results. For example, maybe you do a tummy tuck on skin, muscles, and fat that are still in the process of healing and tightening. Then you could end up with results that look very different six months after your cosmetic procedure.

Working with stable tissues at a relatively stable weight allows your surgeon to create the contours that you want with the best precision.

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