Guide to Beautiful Lips

Guide to Beautiful Lips

Full lips are a beloved future in modern America. They help to define the lower half of the face, and provide balance for other major features. Unfortunately, full lips can be difficult to maintain. Even if you had full lips in your youth, you may find that you’re losing some volume with age as your natural collagen production decreases. So here we have a guide to beautiful lips.

Guide to Beautiful Lips

To help combat thin or thinning lips, here are some of the top ways to create and maintain beautiful lips.


The absolute best thing you can do to improve the appearance of your lips is stay hydrated. The average adult needs about eight glasses of water per day, but this can vary based on your environment, weight, and activity level. Whenever possible, try to sip on water while doing other activities to stay properly hydrated.

In addition to drinking the recommended amount of water, you should consider using products that hydrate your lips directly. A high-quality chapstick or a lip treatment containing hyaluronic acid can help to attract and preserve moisture in your lips. Over time, keeping your lips properly hydrated will allow them to reach their full potential while reducing the risk of wrinkles around the mouth.

Consider Lip Augmentation

If your lips are naturally too thin for your taste, and you want to see a dramatic improvement, then you will need professional help. A lip augmentation in Beverly Hills can help to fill in small lips and create a more developed lip line. Although the effects can be subtle, even the mildest lip augmentation will help the patient to look more youthful overall.

Try Anti-Aging Products

Some topical products can be used to obscure the worst effects of aging. For the most part these treatments contain hydrating and exfoliating materials, but the combination can make a real difference. These treatments are not generally enough for people who have already lost a substantial amount of volume, but they can be used to reduce the appearance of lines.


Dead skin can really harm the overall appearance of your lips. To keep the uppermost layer of skin looking fresh and new many experts recommend using a gentle exfoliant on your lips. Sugar scrubs are some of the most common, but certain groups find these products too harsh for the sensitive skin on the lips. Fortunately, alternatives are available. Light chemical peels designed specifically for lips and overnight exfoliating lip masks are both excellent options.

Learn New Makeup Tricks

Overlining your lips can be challenging at first, but it’s a trick that makeup users apply widely. The trick is to keep it subtle. By tracing your lip liner so that it still touches the top of your natural lip line, you can create a larger, natural-looking pout. Regardless of what you see on the internet, do not try dramatic overlining unless you are only going to be seen on video in the perfect lighting. It will never look natural in real life.

Finding Real Solutions

There are tons of ways to take better care of your lips, which will always make them look fuller and healthier. However, there isn’t an at-home treatment that will rewrite your genetics or undo decades of aging. If your goal is to achieve a more dramatic improvement then you’re going to have to look into plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Brent offers a range of lip augmentation options to help you achieve your lip-centered goals. To learn more about the procedure that’s right for you, schedule a consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon today.

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