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As we age, our bodies and skin start to change. This is a natural part of life, but one that many have a hard time accepting. Our skin loses our elasticity, it becomes wrinkled and hollowed, and our bodies become more nimble. This may cause a loss of confidence for many people or difficulty performing certain tasks. This is why plastic surgery in Beverly Hills has gained much popularity over the years. One procedure that has seen a steady increase in popularity is the use of facial fat grafting. When we lose the elasticity of our facial skin, our faces can appear sunken in, wrinkled, and old. However, there’s a new way to use grafts of tissue to supplement this area, giving you a naturally young, bright face. Let’s take a closer look at this fat grafting process that’s gaining popularity.

Injections vs Facial Fat Grafting

The outdated way of filling in your face to achieve a young, fresh look had many surgeons injecting fat into the area. The surgeon would take body fat from another area of your body to do this procedure. The problem with filling your face in this way is that the tissue that is injected isn’t very healthy. This is because after the fat is taken from another part of your body, the cells have to go through a tube and syringe before being injected. This kills most of the tissue. Thus, more fat is injected to make up for the unhealthy tissue and the result is major swelling. This process is better suited for other areas of the body, such as the buttocks. Learn more about fat injections from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

A new grafting procedure, LiveFill, has recently been developed by notable surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, which uses healthy, 100% living tissue to fill in your face. Because the tissue is alive and healthy, it provides a much more natural, youthful look. You also avoid the possibility of over-injecting and swelling. The living tissue is taken from an area where there is unwanted fat in the patient’s body, usually the lower abdomen. Then, grafts like strings of pearls are inserted into the face and adapt to your body naturally.

How it Works

With LiveFill, the fat that’s harvested doesn’t get damaged like in many other injection and grafting procedures. In these other procedures, the fat goes through a tube and syringe, is then purified, and then injected. The LiveFill procedure takes fat from another area without having to go through this cell-killing process. This allows it to harvest more living, healthy cells. It also not only grabs fat but also some tough tissue that lies below the skin to aid in the elasticity. In addition, this facial fat grafting creates specific pockets in the face to be filled, versus an injection which has the fat going right into the tissues. This string of pearls, or thin grafts, contain a sound structure and blood vessels that are still intact.

The Importance of Using Live Cells

In a fat injection procedure, often only 20% of cells make it alive. This means that 80% of the cells are just dead cells. When fat is injected into the body, the first thing that your body does is start to remove dead cells so that it can provide blood to living cells. Given this information, you can now understand why more fat is injected into the area to overcompensate and thus causes swelling to occur. Because the dead cells will eventually be removed by the body’s natural process, this procedure only ends up being temporary, meaning more procedures will be needed, which equals more money being shelled out.

When you use mostly living cells, like in Dr. Moelleken’s LiveFill procedure, there is absolutely no need to compensate for dead cells. Living cells also give off a more natural look, and because it’s coming from your own body, there’s no risk of disease transmission or allergic reaction. The body can identify the grafts as part of its own and thus adapts quite naturally to it. In addition, because there’s no need for reoccurring procedures due to dead cells being injected, the procedure is considered a permanent solution.

Facial Fat Grafting in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a permanent facial makeover, why not consider one of LA’s top cosmetic surgeons? Dr. Moelleken’s LiveFill procedure is monumental in the surgical world and will only increase in popularity. Call today to schedule your consultation and get that youthful face back.

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