Contouring Procedures for your Post-Weight-Loss Body

Contouring Procedures for your Post-Weight-Loss Body

Losing a substantial amount of weight is difficult, even under ideal circumstances. So, you should first take a moment to congratulate yourself on reaching your goal weight. It is a significant life accomplishment that deserves recognition. Take as long as you need to fully process your success. Once you feel that you’ve created a sustainable lifestyle around your new body for at least six months, then you can start assessing how you would like to move forward with your post-weight-loss body.

In most cases, if you lose weight too quickly or you were overweight for an extended time, then you’re going to have some sagging skin. It usually happens around the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, and chest area. This extra skin can cause chaffing and painful skin conditions. It can also reduce your satisfaction with your weight loss results. Loose skin can cause several uncomfortable medical issues that are entirely separate from aesthetic concerns.

Fortunately, body contouring procedures can help post-weight-loss patients to reclaim their bodies in ways that weight-loss alone cannot. By removing excess skin and carefully sculpting the remaining tissue, Dr. Brent will be able to gently reshape the contours of your body. He fully reveals all of the hard work you’ve put into achieving your healthier, new weight.

What Does Post-Weight-Loss Body Contouring Include?

Body contouring is typically a catch-all for a group of procedures decided on between you and your plastic surgeon. The process starts with a consultation. During this appointment, you should take some time to fully explain your goals, your expectations, and any concerns you have. Your prospective surgeon should be more than happy to address these but don’t be surprised if they also give you some much-needed advice.

Expectations Must Be Realistic and Discussed

For one, your expectations may not always be entirely realistic. It’s completely normal. We all dream of being as fit or youthful as we were once upon a time. So, if your surgeon asks you to look through a book of before and after photographs, it is so that you have a better idea of what you can expect and what kind of work they do. This is vital information, as it will help you decide if body contouring is right for you.

Additionally, don’t be surprised if your consulting surgeon suggests more than one procedure. When you undergo dramatic weight loss, there are a lot of areas around your body that are going to have extra skin. 

Different For Everyone

Unfortunately, there isn’t one procedure to treat them all. Your surgeon will help you to choose what areas are most important to you to create a complete look. They may suggest liposuction to assist them in reshaping the gentle curves and slopes of your natural form once excess skin has been removed.

Is Body Contouring Right For You?

Body contouring is appropriate for most people who have lost a significant amount of weight. However, the patient’s body mass must stay pretty consistent during the healing process. Doing so ensures that they can heal properly after surgery. 

As a result, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery warns patients that they should only have a body contouring procedure if they are in good general health. Also, they must have maintained their goal weight for at least six months. 

We suggest that smokers should quit smoking for at least four weeks before surgery and at least a month afterward. Doing so maximizes your body’s ability to actually heal at the sites of the incision. If you aren’t in good health, continue to smoke, or gain a noticeable amount of weight after surgery, then your results are likely to be compromised. Even more importantly, your general health could be at risk.

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