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When Facial Fillers Don’t Get the Job Done

Whether it’s just for that little confidence boost, or because your wrinkles have increased more than you’d like, facial fillers are a common option to achieve a more youthful glow. Unfortunately, they can’t always provide the dramatic, long-lasting results you want. This is when you may start considering a cheek lift procedure.

A cheek lift procedure can lift your cheek area and provide you with more prominent cheekbones and significantly reduce the droopiness in your eyelids. If you’ve tried facial fillers and aren’t satisfied with your results, it’s probably time to consider your other options. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, get in touch with Dr. Brent to further discuss your cosmetic desires.

Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers are convenient for those who are experiencing minimal droopiness around the cheek and facial areas. They normally last up to 18 months and are normally recommended by doctors as a first-step option. However, because they wear off and may not produce the results some patients want, many people opt for a cheek lift procedure in order to have longer-lasting and more noticeable results.

What is a Cheek Lift Procedure?

During a cheek lift procedure, the patient will reduce the heaviness in the cheeks, by lifting the malar fat pad (located in the cheek) to give a more youthful look. This surgery is much more permanent than facial fillers, so you will not need to keep up with much maintenance. Modern technology has also allowed doctors to perform less-invasive surgeries, resulting in a shorter and less-painful healing process for patients.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cheek Lift?

Generally, you want your overall health to be stable when considering any type of plastic surgery. People who have stronger immune systems are able to heal faster. It’s also important to consider future plans, as there is a recovery period. Fortunately, the recovery period for cheek lift surgery is shorter than that of a traditional facelift.

Finding the Right Doctor

For this procedure, you will want to research the doctor that best suits your needs. Dr. Brent Moelleken, MD, is a double board-certified doctor practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. He received training from Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF, and UCLA. Finding a doctor with reputable training will ensure the smoothest surgery process possible. You will want to make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor. Look through and approve of the doctor’s before-and-after photos of the procedure you will be receiving.

The Cheek Lift Procedure

Because everyone’s face is different, and some people may have more aging than others, a cheek lift surgery will be personalized for each individual patient. The surgery itself typically lasts about two hours. Patients are put under general anesthesia. While under anesthesia, the doctor will cut above each ear and near the upper canine tooth. Using a suture inserted into the oral incision, the cheek will be overcorrected. Immediately after the surgery, the patient may have somewhat of a forced smile. However, this will fade into a natural position once the patient has healed. As with any cosmetic procedure, there will be risks involved. Issues can arise with anesthesia, blood clots, scarring, and so on. Speak with a trusted medical professional with any concerns you may have.

Cheek Lift Recovery

In addition to the overcorrection of the cheeks, there will likely be swelling and bruising around the affected area. There may be dimpling around the cheeks, but this will fade with time. Some patients also feel pain when pursuing their lips, making it difficult to drink out of a cup. Some aching may persist for several months after the surgery, although patients generally heal within four months. It will be much sooner than that for patients who receive the less invasive “mini” lift.

Once you’ve healed you can enjoy your beautiful, new smile!

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