Can You Do Physical Activity after Plastic Surgery?

Have you decided to get plastic surgery to enhance your physical aesthetic? Then your future is looking brighter! You’ll have increased self-esteem and confidence in yourself. However, the recovery period may have you wondering when you can get back to your routine and engage in physical activity post-surgery. There are many factors that go into when you can back to your routine again. So it’s important to talk with your surgeon and understand your limitations. Below you will find more information on when you can engage in physical activity after plastic surgery and what factors go into the timeline for recovery.

Can You Do Physical Activity after Plastic Surgery?

If you have made the choice to get plastic surgery, you understand the investment is both financial and involves some time due to the recovery period. Finding the right surgeon is the number one priority in terms of achieving your desired aesthetic results. However, the most important step you can take is strictly following their recovery guidelines. The investment will be well worth it if you allow yourself to heal properly. This is because the results are heavily dependent upon a safe and effective recovery without interference from things like stress, physical activity, or just overdoing it in general. So many patients are concerned that sitting around will impact their new look, but it’s just the opposite. Your body needs the recovery time, and you are doing it a favor by staying away from the gym for a couple of weeks.

Timeline for Recovery

Below are some of the common factors your surgeon considers when advising on your post-op recovery period. It’s important to remember that even when you are cleared, you’ll need to take things slowly. This means that runners should not sign up for a marathon shortly after you are cleared for recovery.

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Type of Surgery:

This is the number one indicator for how long you’ll need to wait to get back to your physical activities post-surgery. The first few days are a no-go when it comes to physical activity. Your body just endured so much. So you’ll need to give it a rest for at least two to three days. After that, and depending on the guidance from your doctor, you may be able to do some very little light activity for the first two weeks. For most surgeries, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and a facelift, you’ll likely need to stay out of the gym for at least four to six weeks before you are fully recovered.

Initial Recovery:

You will need to attend a few follow up appointments after your surgery. Usually one will be within the first few days and then within a couple of weeks. If your recovery is going well, your doctor may be able to clear you sooner. However, if there are any complications, your recovery period will be increased to ensure your health and the results of the procedure.

Medical History:

Your surgeon will look at your medical history during the consultation. With that, your recovery periods from your prior surgeries can help your surgeon understand how your body handles recovery. This can help you and your doctor understand the outlook of your recovery a little better than if you hadn’t had surgery before.

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