Most Common Breast Implant Mistakes

Most Common Breast Implant Mistakes

Breast implants are the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Many women opt for implants after pregnancy, significant weight loss, or due to having naturally small breasts. Many people have heard stories about breast implant mistakes and what someone wishes they knew before surgery. Below you will find information on how to avoid the most common breast implant mistakes. This will help ensure you have a good experience with your expected results.

Common Breast Implant Mistakes


Doing your research and finding the right surgeon is important. You will likely have a few consultations before you choose the right surgeon for you. Before you make any consultation appointments, do your research. Review the surgeon’s website, find reviews online, and find out if you know anyone who has been to the surgeon you are looking into. Call their office and ask a few questions to see how friendly and welcoming the staff are. Instead of making the mistake of rushing the process, be sure and do your research to better streamline the consultation process.


This is arguably the most important step in avoiding breast implant mistakes. The consultation is where you will get information, share your expectations with the surgeon, and get real feedback. Since plastic surgery is a business for profit, some surgeons may tell you what you want to hear versus the truth. While it may be difficult to understand whether your surgeon is giving you all the accurate information about your potential surgery, getting second and third opinions are helpful.

Before and After Photos

Blindly trusting before and after photos can be deceiving. Be sure that you find multiple sets of patients’ who had breasts that looked like yours before. That is the most crucial part of assessing the doctor’s work in terms of outcomes. If the before photo doesn’t look similar to you it’s not going to help you determine what your outcome may look like.


While it may seem like anyone who is doing surgery must have the right credentials to actually do it, that is not always the case. Making sure you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial. This means that a governing body has essentially approved this specific surgeon to perform surgery.

Too Big

One of the most common mistakes women makes when they get breast implants is going too big. While there is no rule as to how big you should go, think about this carefully. Many women look forward to large and firm breasts, but too big can make everyday tasks difficult. Test out the sizes, talk to your surgeon, and take time to think about how big you want to go.


Following your doctor’s orders is vital for recovery. Most people feel better quicker than the recovery time, but this does not mean that your body is not still healing. Letting your body heal both internally and externally is crucial. There are risks for infection since breast implants require surgery. Allowing your immune system the opportunity to fight off anything that could possibly harm you means resting, eating right, drinking lots of fluids, and refraining from any strenuous lifting or movement.


While your surgeon will do their best to strategically place your incisions, you’ll need to care for your incision after surgery. The scars will not go away themselves and you’ll need to take good care of them for them to fade away. Follow your doctor’s recommendations on how to care for them properly.


It’s important to understand that the shelf life of your new breasts is roughly ten years. They don’t last forever and you will have to undergo surgeries later to get them replaced. It’s also important to understand that gravity takes its toll on breast implants just as it does natural breasts. Understanding that you’ll need replacements roughly every ten years is important going into the surgery the first time.

Breast implants have been reported to increase confidence and help with a woman’s self-image. If you have been considering breast augmentation in Beverly Hills and have done your research, moving forward with the process should be simple as long as you avoid the common mistakes listed above.

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