Benefits of a Facelift in Winter

Benefits of a Facelift in Winter

Feeling confident about your appearance, especially your facial features, is important. The natural aging process, unhealthy lifestyle factors, and environmental factors can all accelerate the signs of aging on your face. However, a facelift can take years off of your face and leave you feeling just as young as you feel. Consider the following benefits of a facelift in winter.

Benefits of a Facelift in Winter

While the winter months are often filled with the business of the holidays and winter break, it can also be a great time for a facelift. There are a number of benefits to getting a facelift in the winter.

Improved Appearance

Getting a facelift in the winter is beneficial as it allows ample time for your incisions to heal and fade. The initial appearance of your incisions are visible right after surgery. You may notice redness, swelling, and raised skin, which is completely normal. However, as time passes and you care for your skin, the signs of plastic surgery slowly disappear. It can take a few months for your final results so getting your facelift in the winter means that you will be ready to show off your new appearance by the summer. Many patients combine procedures in the winter for maximum results by the summertime. Some procedures include a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Swelling Rapidly Improves

As with so many surgical procedures, swelling is a common symptom post-surgery. Swelling can impact your appearance and can also be uncomfortable. In fact, it can sometimes last weeks after a facelift. Getting a facelift during the winter can help with the swelling post-facelift as the weather is often colder. Warmer weather can actually exacerbate swelling and tissue inflammation, so it’s highly beneficial to get your high SMAS facelift during the winter. This means that you will also be ready to show off your full appearance by summer!

Easier to Conceal

While some people are vocal about their plastic surgery, others like to be more discreet. Both are perfectly fine and understandable. However, if you are someone who is more discreet about their cosmetic procedures, consider a facelift in the winter. The winter months are often colder and come with warmer clothing. Scarves, hats, facial coverings, winter coats, loose sweaters, long sleeves, and long pants all come with the territory during the winter season. Because of this, it is much easier to conceal any plastic surgery you have had during that time.

Face Lift Procedure

The high SMAS facelift is the most effective method and is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to facelifts. The procedure offers a variety of benefits as compared to a traditional facelift. In fact, it provides more consistent and reliable results. A high SMAS facelift can flatten and eliminate your jowls, reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, add fullness to your cheeks, and lift and tighten your neck. The first step in moving forward with the procedure is setting up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. They can determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and you can share your expectations.

Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate, you can move forward with the process. The procedure is smooth and takes roughly 2 hours. Many patients combine procedures so it can take longer if you are getting more than just a high SMAS facelift. Once you are out of surgery, you may notice some bruising, swelling, and numbness. This is completely normal and should subside within one to two weeks. It’s important to focus on your recovery period to ensure maximum results.

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