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Advanced Fluorescence Technology Beverly Hills

Most patients now take great care of their skin. Sunscreen. Skincare regimen. Excelladerms. Maybe a nip and a tuck here or a laser resurfacing here or there.

But what about the days of endless summers, baby oil and bronzers?
What used to be a sexy tan is now a collection of pigmented lesions, sun spots and ‘barnacles’ and even various types of skin cancer.
Once your plastic surgeon has examined your lesions and determined that the risk of cancer is low, most benign pigmented lesions are of of a cosmetic concern, many patients opt for the AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology).
AFT is the next generation of intense pulsed light. It is the next step after IPL. It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and converts it into part of the usable spectrum through a special filtering system. It increases emission and penetration, for safer and more effective treatments.
This results in greater effectiveness and less pain for the patient. A lot less pain. In fact most patients don’t need any topical or numbing agents!
A Quick 20-minute AFT treatment time makes it easy to fit into a busy day, and patients see visible results their very first treatment!