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Allergan / Inamed 410 Style Cohesive Breast Implant Beverly Hills

Allergan /Inamed 410 Style Cohesive Breast Implant are here and available.

These cohesive implants cannot rupture and are for the first time readily available and FDA approved in the United States.

The implants are cohesive and like a Gummi Bear, so the silicone gel cannot leak.

The implants are anatomically shaped, like a real breast. They avoid the fullness in the upper pole of the breast.

The rippling is vastly less than with traditional silicone gel implants. Because the silicone is extensively cross-linked, the implants cannot ripple the way traditional implants do. There is early evidence that the capsular contracture rate is less than that of conventional implants as well.

These implants are best suited for women with thin breast tissue who want moderate sized implants. The shape of the implants is more anatomic, without the bulge at the top of the breast that many women want to avoid. The implants are firmer and don’t move as much, an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the patient selected.

More details will follow, but this is the shape of things to come for many patients.