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Thighlift Beverly Hills

Thigh Lift Overview
Thigh lifts smooth the contours of your upper legs, giving you firmer, sleeker thighs that make you eager to show them off. You may need an outer or inner thigh lift, depending on your problem areas or you might be a candidate for both procedures. In an outer thigh lift, Dr. Moelleken will concentrate on your buttocks and “saddlebags” and this procedure typically has the most dramatic affects. Although an inner thigh lift can be more difficult, it is sometimes the best option to achieve optimal results. Inner and outer thigh lifts can also provide the final enhancement for a patient who has already had a tummy tuck or who simply has extra skin, dimpling, or reduced elasticity in their thighs.

If your thighs have any of the following, you are an excellent candidate for thigh lift surgery:

  • Loose, sagging skin after weight loss
  • Dimpled skin caused by cellulite
  • Reduced skin elasticity due to aging or genetics
  • Fat deposits that do not respond to dieting and exercise

If you dread the idea of wearing a bathing suit because of the way your thighs look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Moelleken today and look forward to going to the beach or pool next summer. He will listen to your needs, evaluate your best treatment options, and together you will decide the best coarse to take for your unique situation. Dr. Moelleken and his professional team promise to give you the time and attention you deserve to achieve the overall look you desire.

Thighplasty Facts
A thigh lift, also known as a thighplasty, is a surgical procedure that raises, firms, and tightens your thighs in proportion to your buttocks, abdomen, and legs. Excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is repositioned and reshaped to create a more pleasing contour. From the back view, a distinctly defined fold separates your thighs and buttock. From the front view, your thighs are smooth, highlighting the muscles, while your inner thighs are firm and flat. If you are self-conscious about your lower body appearance, a thigh lift can dramatically improve your thigh area, as well as enhance the overall appearance of your figure. If you have experienced a loss of skin elasticity in your thigh, hip, or buttock areas, a thigh lift will produce an attractive thigh and buttock area with improved contours. It is also intended to decrease irregularities in your skin surface.

Thigh lifts are usually performed on men or women with large amounts of loose, hanging skin on the thighs. The goal is to return the body to a more normal appearance after loss of skin elasticity due to extreme weight loss or age-related changes. After working hard to lose a significant amount of weight, developing a secondary problem such as sagging skin can be extremely frustrating. Your skin does not always fully conform to your body’s new shape and one of the areas most affected by this problem are your thighs. If the skin in your thigh area is saggy, dimpled, flabby or has an orange peel texture, a thigh lift may be indicated. A thigh lift is also beneficial if when you lift your lax skin, the appearance of your thigh improves. If you have experienced a loss of skin elasticity in your thigh, hip, or buttock areas, a thigh lift is intended to produce more attractive thigh and buttock skin with improved contours. It is also intended to decrease irregularities in your skin’s surface.

Although small amounts of fat may be removed along with excess skin during a thigh lift, it is not meant to remove significant fat deposits so you should be at or near your ideal weight before considering the procedure. Candidates for thigh lift surgery have extra skin that must be removed by excision. This differs from liposuction because liposuction removes only fat through small quarter inch incisions, but no skin. When you have good skin tone and minor fat excess, liposuction alone will usually produce good results. If you have significant skin laxity from weight loss or general aging however, liposuction will not give adequate improvement and a thigh lift is necessary. Liposuction is sometimes performed in conjunction with a thigh lift to smooth and contour areas separate from the effects of the thigh lift excisions. During your initial consultation with Dr. Moelleken, he will evaluate your personal situation and together you will determine the best surgical plan.

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